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How to extract models from Lego Lord of The Rings


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Hello! I'll be clear and to the point, I have zero interest in actually modding the game. I'm just trying to extract some character models from the game so I can put them in vrchat.  Below I will post a link to what I'm seeing in my folders. 


So far I've managed to extract the proper GAME.DAT file and have found the characters I want to rip. But the contents of each folder have nothing that would actually allow me to view it with Noesis and actually convert the file over to an obj or fbx. So I'm currently at a loss of what to do. I've combed through the fourms looking for anything that might be helpful for my situation but I haven't found anything that talks about ripping models exclusively. I've searched for any ghg files and found quite a few but none that actually have the full model, just the face of the characters for some reason. 


I'm not sure where to go from here, any and all advice would be much appreciated. The tools that are currently on this fourm have worked for the ghg files but again. I haven't found anything that talks about actually extracting the models and coming across .pak files. 

Gandalf Contents

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