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Pass the Torch


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I came up this idea by my own but honestly I didn't viewed EVERY SINGLE game which is currently on so I apogolise if this is just knock off from some other game

In this game there's us carrying the torch and we have to pass it each other. But it's not that easy: everyone meets some kind of hazard in their way! The next person tries to think the way how to encounter it that our torch doesn't exhaustion itself. Use your imagination and rich the story ;) I don't care how you describe things but ctrl+v things might help the newcomers and people which aren't good at English (like me :DD). Here's example:



First post:
Cpt. Redbeard got the torch!

On his way he found: Huge river

next/all other posts:
Cpt. Redbeard found a boat and rowed himself across the river. He almost dropped the torch but his loyal parrot grapped it and gave it back.

He meets King Kahuka and passed torch to him!

On King Kahuka's way he found: Angry Islanders


General rule is that torch can't be exhausted and it never run out the fuel. That helps this game to run as far it can


I'll update the rules if there's something I din't bring up clearly or there's grey areas :)

Are we good? Let's start!!

Jugebox98 found the burning torch and he started to carrying it.

On Jugebox98's way he found: Rock Monster's Cave

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Fortunately Rock Monsters are scared of bright lights, so they all hid in the shadows and watched the flaming torch pass by. Jugebox98 made it to the Support Station and passed over the torch to aidenpons whilst eating sandwiches.


Aidenpons took the torch along, but the tunnel had been blocked by a landslide.



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  • 5 months later...


By wielding a big megaphone and shouting "A LANDSLIDE HAS OCCURRED" into it, Aidenpons created a powerful sound-wave that blasted the rocks away. Aidenpons handed the torch over to a Rock Raider named "Dave", and so Dave kept walking through the tunnel until his path was blocked by a river of lava.





On 9/1/2019 at 12:40 PM, aidenpons said:



"A landslide has occurred? A landslide has occurred...". The phrase echoed inside of Aidenpons head for some time.

He hatched an unconventional, but possible-in-the-confines-of-a-"Use-your-imagination-to-solve-the-problem"-forum-topic, idea:


By wielding a giant megaphone and shrieking Chief's infamous catch-phrase into it, Aidenpons created a "LANDSLIDE HAS OCCURRED" sound-wave that was soo loud, it blasted the rocks out of the way.




...but because he spent a lot of energy, effort, and oxygen shouting into the megaphone, Aidenpons needed a moment to catch his breath... actually, make than a minute... maybe an hour... or two.

He handed the torch-that-somehow-wasn't-extinguished-by-the-"LANDSLIDE-HAS-OCCURRED-SHOUT"-because-PLEASE-don't-ask-me-about-it to a nearby Rock Raider called "Dave" who wandered further into the tunnel...



...until he came across a river. A river made of lava.

A seemingly impossible obstacle... for a dumb Rock Raider with abysmal path-finding, but Dave was no ordinary Rock Raider. In-fact, he was stupider than the average Rock Raider, to the point where his stupidity knows no bounds...


...but surely a mind like his - a vast void of sandwiches, sandwiches, terminal idleness syndrome waiting to strike, and more sandwiches - could think up something soo incredibly stupid, so utterly, utterly ludicrous, his intelligence would do a full wrap-around and come up with a clever/brilliant solution for once in his life.


It was worth a shot at least. Dave racked his brain - of lack there-of - trying to come up with a way to bypass/cross/wade-through/fly-over/get some way to the other side of the molten lava river.


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Fortunately Dave was really stupid and ignored reality and walked over the river of lava. The real reason for the success of this stupendous task were actually a few rock piles, that were protruding from the lava. Having passed the lava river Dave got really hungry and confused the torch with flaming shashlik and wanted to eat it. Before doing so a smarter* Rock Raider snatched the torch from Dave's hand while shouting "No! The fate of the world depends on it!". While Dave tried to satisfy his hunger with the next best thing - a piece of ore - the smarter Rock Raider, who was actually Power Miner No. 471, couldn't continue the path of destiny due to a minor inconvenience: a group of bootleg LEGO bandits.

*which isn't an amazing feat

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However, bootleg Lego bandits have as much structural strength and fire resistance as a small piece of paper towel. As the incandescent light from the burning torch reached their empty black eyes, their faces started to melt - then as the torch drew nearer, the bootleg hands fell out of their sockets, the shoulders fused to the torso, and then the molten legs collapsed under the weight of the liquid above, reducing these bandits to a funny-coloured puddle on the floor.


Dave passed the torch to Generic Rock Raider #003, nicknamed as "Stupidity" for the amount of times he'd been teleported up to the LMS explorer, teleported down again, and then teleported up immediately after due to trying to repair erosion that was already lava.


Stupidity carried the torch a short while (having already tried to eat the flame to see if it was edible) before he came along a narrow chasm, which his pathfinding was telling him he couldn't go over.

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  • 11 months later...

Luckily a player noticed after exactly one year that the game was still running* on a computer and gave Stupidity manual commands to go around the chasm via the Really-Convenient-Shortcut Highway that was opened in the meantime.

Stupidity entrusted the torch to the smartest Rock Raider of all time. This Rock Raider was known for such intelligent feats like not eating ore, not eating rubble that contains ore, not eating rubble that doesn't contain ore and not eating things in general that were unfit for non-human consumption. The name of this Rock Raider was, uhm... Smart Rock Raider.

And then the torch exploded. No, not the torch of this story, but a completely unrelated one somewhere else on Planet U. Anyway: Smart Rock Raider carried the torch and became hungry. Before continuing the journey this Rock Raider went to a nearby HQ and had to make the ultimate decision:
a) a sandwich from a support station or
b) a pizza from Brickolini's Offworld Pizzeria or
c) radioactive ravioli from Radium's Radical Radioactive Ravioli Realm.

*and it hasn't crashed yet. That's the real mystery of this story!

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On 3/9/2021 at 10:37 AM, Arthuriel said:

b) a pizza from Brickolini's Offworld Pizzeria

I'd choose a pizza.

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