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Complete LRR Model collection in Stud.io+LDraw format


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So this isn't exactly a MOC, I just wanted to post as a topic that I have assembled all the models of the original LRR game and they are now available for download for everyone. This includes some Beta content, such as the Tool Station and the Beta Small Transport Truck. I'd like to include the Canteen as well, but I gotta figure out how to build that first.




They have been made in order to be put into my LRR rebuild, Manic Miners




Please use these for non-commercial projects only and give credit to me and the LDraw library if you use them!



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I have updated my model collection!

- Updated models to use the newly added Rock Raiders LDraw pieces

- Added color variation to the Prototype Small Transport Truck

- Added the Canteen model

- Added Upgrade models

- Added a custom-made 3D model for the "Louver slope" piece, that was always represented in 3D in renders and cutscenes. 

- Added more comments to the ReadMe

- Added instructions on how to properly export to Bricklink with the intention to buy them

- Corrected some errors and fixed the temporary LMLC

- Made sure all pieces are correct+available Lego pieces


Let me know if you find any errors! (that are not explained in the ReadMe)



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I have been working on improving this slowly since the last post but never really posted anything, so we go from 2.0 directly to 2.3. Changelog:

- Fixed incorrect wheel mold versions.
- Added sliding rail to the Docks building (seen in unused unload/load animation)
- Added several incredibly early Rock Raiders prototypes of buildings and vehicles (from Brian's Bricks!)

- Added some prototype builds by Brian's Bricks!
- Updated models to use the newly added 30303pb1 part Dome plate with Danger Stripes
- Fixed collisions after the LDraw library/Studio updated the clipping of some bricks
- Fixed some erroneous bricks that had the wrong mould without internal tubes etc.
- Fixed several upgrade models and looked over all models individually

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