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Hey everyone!  Ever since I played LEGO Rock Raiders as a kid, I have loved the game.  I have been wanting to play it again for a long time but I remember the game being relatively short to today's standards.  When I did a search for the game this evening however, I stumbled onto the steam community for RRU and was reading that there have been mods made for RR and other LEGO titles.  This vastly peaked my interest.  So to start off with, I have a few questions.

1: What is a good place to get a copy of LEGO Rock Raiders?

2: Do the mods create larger environments to progress through and/or more quests to go on?

3: Is there a list of different mods?  (I did see something about different types of mods to make the game look/run better and custom biomes and such but haven't looked into those yet)

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Hey there and welcome to RRU!


1. If you're a nostalgia enthusiast, consider picking up the original CD on Ebay or similar! If you can't, there are several unofficial alternatives that we won't post here: RRU is not a place for pirating even if the game is considered abandonware. You should be able to find a download if you know the right search terms 


2.  Modding is very limited in LRR, but there has been some magic done over the years... there is not really any grand new experiences, most of the mods are either custom levels, custom models, or fixes/improvement packs. You can check around in https://www.rockraidersunited.com/forum/124-gameplay-mods/ for any mods that look interesting.  A lot of the threads are old, but for an enthusiast, there's a lot to find. There's also a Custom Maps section: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/forum/19-custom-maps/ where there are some interesting maps, however loading them into LRR can be very clunky. I haven't done modding myself but I'm working on a full Unreal Engine remake instead


3. I don't have one myself, and someone really should make one, but I'll send aidenpons your way! He can also help you if you want to load custom maps easier

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