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I'm here because I was playing Rock Raiders again and wanted to check out what mods are out there, but it is kind of a mess. It is possible I already joined here 10 years ago when I was trying to make the game work, but without success back then. Now I found the Masterpiece Edition executable and with dgVoodoo 2 the game works.


I played Rock Raiders around 20 years ago and is one of the first PC games I played. Back then I also played the Lego Racers demo, but didn't play the full game until years later.

Rock Raiders is full of potential and flaws that could have been easily fixed with a sequel or an expansion pack or just a patch, but we all know that never happened.

From what I can see various mods did improve the game in some ways and there are also some very impressive new 3D models some people have made themselves.

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Welcome Cadet, and today you'll learn how to navigate the forums of Rock Raiders United. There are plenty of resources available, from documentation on LRR to mods to even the remake Manic Miners in the works. Take care when navigating the very old archives, as some ancient threads are better left undisturbed. Keep your eye out for any resources you might find - we need you to bring some mods to the LMS Explorer, as it's been twenty years since we changed anything up.

Welcome to Rock Raiders United, Cadet!


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