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How can I install LEGO island xtreme stunts on windows10?


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Hi everyone,


I am new here and Ive downloaded LEGO- racers and stunt rally (just for the nostalgia). The only game I am missing is island xtreme stunts. I dont know anything about files and stuff and I feel like I am very sensitive for dangerous links with virus et al. So my question is: Does anybody have a reliable link to download island xtreme stunts? It would be much appreciated ! 


Love, a Lego gamer fan

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Welcome to the forum.


We can't provide links to the game, so you'll have to get it yourself some other way. Afterwards, we should be able to help you. I vaguely remember some threads on getting the game to work on more modern computers. Something about an IPS patch, maybe? I haven't done much with IXS personally, but someone here should be able to point you in the right direction.



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If you're going to buy a physical copy of the game get one that is a rerelease rather than the original, the originals can be seen to have a serial key whereas the later versions lack this. The later version is the only one that works on Windows 10.

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