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Rock Raiders United has been recently upgraded with new software. A new theme will be coming soon as well. Please report any bugs you find (posting in this thread is fine) or any other oddities. In addition, the broken Contact Us form should be fixed, so you can use that if you have trouble with logging in.

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  • Cirevam pinned this topic

Nothing immediately looks broken so that's good! Also, is it just me, or is that logo new?


I do have one complaint: links look really similar to underlines. Is that something that can be changed with a theme? EDIT: new theme, and yep, links and underlines are nicely different now! :)


Also, are the "Rank" thingies planned to stick around? They feel pointless at best and elitist at worst, but that might just be me being pessimistic. If nothing else, getting an LRR theme on them would be nice.

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