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LEGO Media / Rock Raiders booth at E3 1999


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Yesterday I got a reminded by someone that LEGO Rock Raiders was supposedly shown off at E3, so I poked around some E3 1999 videos and by pure chance the first or second video I clicked greeted me with this: 



Yep, that's someone donning the infamous "Chief costume" that you could win a Halloween party of: 



In the background you can see booths for Lego Racers, that we know were produced by Freudzon design:


(Full archive pages of Lego material from Freudzon Design here, found by Jeremy/Brickome:)




And this very brief shot shows some kind of Rock Raiders display: 



Here is a timestamp link to the 20 seconds of footage that we got so you can see for yourself:




There was also an article related to Lego at this E3: 


Apparently you could win the PS1/N64 controller statues you see in the video, and the 4 games that were shown off were: Lego Rock Raiders, LEGOLAND, Lego Friends and Lego Racers.


New footage of E3 1999 is being uploaded and re-uploaded all the time so more might appear, but I haven't found anything from scouring the rest of the videos I saw on YouTube!

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(from the IGN link)


In addition, Lego Media will have a full-size model of Rocket Racer's speedy vehicle on display near the front of the booth. This 6' long, 4' tall model will be entirely constructed from Lego Bricks


That's not this one, was it? You know, the giant rocket racer car that is still being auctioned on EBay and I'm 90% sure has popped up on RRU before but don't know where?
(also sorry if link & image dies, time travellers from the year 2050 I'm really not sure how to describe it better)




I wonder if that person knows anything about any of the other things listed there...



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