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How to get LI1 to work.... diskless and with no extra software


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I got Lego Island to work last night using this method (and with thanks to a friend on Discord named Besuki).


STEP 1: Download the ISO (it may take a while depending on the speed of your PC)

STEP 2: After the ISO is finished downloading, open the installer. At the part of the installer where it tells you to install DirectX, press Cancel and finish the installation.

STEP 2.5: Download D3DRM.dll

STEP 3: go to Program Files (x86)/LEGO Island (which should be located in your computer at this point in the installation process) and put the D3DRM.dll file into the aforementioned file folder

STEP 4: Go to CONFIG.exe, then go to Advanced. Change "Direct3D HAL" to "RGB Emulation" (to avoid any graphical bugs with Direct3D HAL) and then press OK.

STEP 5 (optional): Go to Properties for LEGOIsle.exe (and/or ISLE.exe) and set the compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

And there you stand. Enjoy your diskless LEGO Island experience!



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