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(WIP) Candy Raiders!!!


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Credit for the Idea by Shadow322.

IDEAS: Lair of Rockwhales, Shadow322, Sonic322, sciguy, LordZakida, theextractor, DrDeath, theEPICtr, TheDoctor, Cirevam

Rock Raider= (white shirt and pants, black shoes, belts, and gloves)

Chief=Willy Wonka (ROFL)

Drill=Waffel Cone







Sonic Blaster=

Energy Crystal=Rock Candy

Ore=Chocolate Ore

Stud=Candy Bar

Buildings and Vehicles=Bread-based products


Teleport Pad=

Power Station=

Support Station=

Upgrade Station=


Ore Refinery=Chocolate Refinery

Mining Laser=Candy Melter

Super Teleport=


Small Digger=

Small Transport Truck=

Rapid Rider=


Tunnel Scout=

Loader Dozer=

Granite Grinder=


Chrome Crusher=

Cargo Carrier=

Tunnel Transport=

Dirt=Chewy Candy

Loose=Soft Candy

Hard=Hard Candy

Solid Rock=Candy Cane

ESeam=Rock Candy Seam

OSeam=Ore Seam



Lava=Hot Chocolate


Power Path=Cookie/Choc Chip Cookie

Reinforced Wall=Candy Cane (May require modeling)

Rock=Penut Brittle

Ice=Ice Cream


Rock Monsters=Chocolate Monsters

Ice Monsters=Frosting Monsters

Lava Monster=Syrup Monster

Slimy Slug=Gumdrop


Spiders=Candy Hearts

Snake=Gummy Worm


Small Spiders=Candycorn

Please give ideas. Coming after RtPU, some time in 2010

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Dirt=white chocolate

Loose Rock=milk chocolate

Hard Rock=dark chocolate

Solid Rock=candy cane (must be the classic red and white colors)

Rock Raider's get outfits that make them look like they work at a candy factory!

Shadow can't get on at the moment but this post is all his idea.

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ROTFLSHICB!!!! Nice idea! The buildings can be ginger bread!

*EDIT* Ok, here are my ideas:

For the three biomes:

-Rock = the different types of chocolate with peanuts in them

-Ice = Ice cream

-Lava = The different types of chocolate plain

For the monsters:

-RM = Peanut brittle

-IM = Cookies 'n cream chocolate

-LM = Caramel


Water = syrup (maybe Sprite)

Lava = Hot chocolate

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That could definitely work.

Oh yes, ROTFLSHICB = Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Can't Breathe


Oh, Idea!

Rubble = chocolate chips

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heres what i think

rock walls chocolate chip cookie dough

the harder the wall the more chocolate chips with solid wall being solid chocolate

rock rubble chocolate chips

ice walls white chocolate chip cookie dough

same as rock wall except with white chocolate chips

ice rubble white chocolate chips

lava walls peanut brittle

harder teh wall the more peanuts solid wall tons of peanuts

lava rubble peanuts

the monsters would use the same sweets as thier corosonding wall types

raiders something similar to ompa lompas

chief would be willy wonka

water syrup

molten lava peanut butter

ore peanut butter cup

crystals green jolly ranchers or candy corn

stud marshmellow

slug gummie worm

spiders jelly beans

buildings ginger bread

cars ginger bread marshmellow wheels

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Ice=hard candy



dirt= white chocolate

loose is chocolate

hard is dark chocolate

solid is penutt brittle


dirt= pixie sticks

loose= gummy bears

hard= hard candy

solid= Jawbreakers


dirt= pie (not really candy but oh well)

loose= milkduds

hard= mike and ikes

solid= candy cane

(yes I know I took shadows ideas for a few of them, but they were good)

ec's= rock candy

ore= rasionets

lava= hot chocolate

water= milk

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HM, wouldn't really be all that hard. We have already done modding on all this. We just have to change areound some color values. This will really just be the culmination of several different mods that have already been done.

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There is so such win in this thread.

Drill = (ROFL)waffle cone

Snake = gummy worm

Rock Raiders = gummy bears (or something of the sort)

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Credit for the Idea by Shadow322.


Please give Ideas.

Coming after RtPU...

What are you people crazy?

It is my idea. (as Lair said)

I get the pick the things! (I'll pick things from all your posts, so its a group thing, not a "pick one list and forget the others")

Ore=chocolate chips

Energy Crystals=rock candy


Slugs, bats, spiders, etc= gummy candy


Lava=hot chocolate

Landslide=mixed candy

RR stuff:

Buildings=ginger bread

Vehicels=ice cream cone stuff

The wall renforsments= candy cane

power paths (unpowered)=cookie

power paths (powered)=chocolate chip cookie

Rock cave:

Dirt=white chocolate

Loose rock=milk chocolate

Hard rock=dark chocolate

Solid rock= mixed chocolate

Rock Monster=chocolate monster

Ice cave:

Dirt=vanilla ice cream

Loose rock= chocolate ice cream

Hard rock= strawberry ice cream

Solid rock= cookies and cream ice cream

Ice Monster= Frosting monster

Lava cave:


Loose rock=marshmelow

Hard rock=taffy

Solid rock=gaw braker

Lave Monster=chocolate syrup monster

RR's=white shirt and pants, black shoes, belts, and gloves.

Is there any way to give the RR's a hat?

I hope you all like my list. :)

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Joe: So is RtPU. Yet I'm 60% through and rising fast.

Shadow: :D

Oh guys btw Wall names are universal, so it needs to be something universal.

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HOLDI IT!! Yes the names have the same names in each biome, but ech biome has it's own wall textures. We can still have ice cream for the ice levels, and varying chocolates for the lava and rock biomes

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yes but when you put your mouse over it, it says dirt. You can only make it say dirt.

actually in the cfg file you can rename it but you have to rename every line releated to it

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  • Cyrem changed the title to (WIP) Candy Raiders!!!

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