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(WIP) Candy Raiders!!!


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so, then, we need the walls, floor, etc., to be named something relatively universal. Like a type chocolate, but differently themed.

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The names are all universal, yes. But not the wall images. We can easily change the wall textures, but not so easily change the other stuff.

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Dirt= Pixisticks

Loose= Chocolate chips

Hard= hard candy

Solid= jawbreakers

every biome has it's own flavor


dirt,hard,solid= strawberry

loose=dark chocolate


dirt,hard,solid= Grape

loose=milk chocolate


dirt,hard,solid= Blue raspberry

loose= white chocolate

Ore= m&m type candy

Ec's= rockcandy

recharge seam= a huge rockcandy inside jawbreakers

ec seam= rockcandy inside chocolate chips and same thing with ore seam.

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How is it way cooler? I only changed the names for Dirt and Loose Rock. Hard Candy and Jawbreakers were in your post earlier, so really my idea is only 50% as cool.

For the monsters and lasers, I think they should have their damage values changed. Hot Fudge laser melts Ice Cream Monster but strengthens Chocolate Monster, for instance.

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  • Cyrem changed the title to (WIP) Candy Raiders!!!

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